Welcome to the Clifton Antiquarian Club Website

Clifton Antiquarian Club is based in Bristol, although members are distributed across the southern half of England and Wales. We seek to promote a better understanding of our archaeological heritage and meet on several occasions during the year for lectures, tours and research projects. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or are interested in getting involved.

Club News and Announcements 

Dartmoor Trip!

Our annual trip to Dartmoor is upon us once again and this time we’ll be investigating an area of Walkhampton Common to the west
of Princetown. We’ll explore 19th century quarries, still with parts of London Bridge awaiting collection, late Neolithic/early Bronze
Age stone rows and menhirs, an 18th century marked way across the moor that pre-dates modern roads, then back to the Bronze Age for what Andrew Fleming describes as the longest known single reave on the moor. For more details see: Dartmoor Walk 2017

Upcoming Events!

bootsThis coming year will be as eventful as ever for the club with trips, lectures and an excavation. Not all dates are finalised yet but we are continuing our series of Dartmoor walks with the next in March. We also have a visit planned to the amazing archaeological sites of Dordogne in September. For all trips and dates keep an eye on the events page here: Calendar

Christmas Trip to Corinium

coriniumSee the report on our archaeology packed Christmas trip to Cirencester on the Past Events page.