About The Young Archaeologists

About The Young Archaeologists Club

About YACOur Young Archaeologists tend to be the children of members of the Club, for whom we run a bespoke programme of outings throughout the year.

The key objective is to get the children out and into the historic environment, thinking about history and engaging with the landscape. This is achieved through activities and small projects but most of all our trips are about having fun and making new friends.

Our year comprises of around half a dozen events, ranging from our annual “big trip” at Easter of around four days, to Sunday afternoon picnics at typically, but not exclusively, prehistoric sites. We also run a historical astronomy group where we try to replicate the observations of great historical astronomers such as William and Caroline Herschel and Francesco Fontana.

The Young Archaeologists have been going since 2011, during which time we have visited many sites in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire and travelled as far afield as Cornwall, Scotland and Northumberland.

All Club members and guests are welcome to join us, or only stipulation is that parents, grandparents or guardians accompany and take full responsibility for their children.
For further information, please contact John Swann on jpswann@hotmail.com