Club Lecture Roll of Honour

Club Lecture Roll of Honour

Dr Christopher Chippindale
Philip Crocker – Learning and illustration: A 19th century view of prehistoric south west Britain
January 2007

Dr Volker Heyd
The Emergence of Complex Societies in the south east of Europe
June 2007

Dr Angelo Fossati
The Rock Art Tradition of Valcamonica, North Italy: A World Heritage view
January 2008

Dr Tim Malim
Dykes, Death and Disease: the frontiers of Anglo-Saxon migration
June 2008

Professor Mark Horton
The Cannibals of Thornbury – an intriguing account of violence and butchery in the Iron Age
January 2009

Dr Michael Costen
Common-fields and the Agricultural Revolution in Somerset 900-1100 AD
June 2009

Dr Jean Clottes
The Cave Paintings of Chauvet
January 2010

Professor David Austin
Castles on the Edge: The Experience of Medieval Borderlands
June 2010

Professor Richard Bradley
Stages and Screens: Rethinking the Henge Monuments of Northern Britain
January 2010

Professor Howard Williams
Shipping Hel: The topography and necrogeography of a viking boat-grave cemetery
June 2011

Dr Philip de Jersey
Different Iron Ages: the archaeology of the Channel Islands in the late first millennium BC
January 2012

Simon West
The Romanisation of St Albans and district
September 2012

Dr Keith Wilkinson
The Hrazdan Valley Palaeolithic project 2008-2012
May 2013

Dr Clive Bond
The Sweet Track: A Neolithic Water Cult?
November 2013

Dr Jacqueline Cahill Wilson
What did the Romans ever do for us?
May 2013

Neil Holbrook
The Cemeteries of Roman Cirencester
November 2014