Young Archaeologists Past Events

Young Archaeologists Past Events

Young Archaeologists on Gowerland

September 2016

By John Swann


A trip to the Gower for the Young Archaeologists. Read all about it here: Gower Report

Young Archaeologists visit to Bristol Downs and Roman Abonae

10th July 2016

By John Swann

YA Downs

The Young Archaeologists are closer to home for this visit to the Downs and Sea Mills. See the write up: YA Downs write up pdf


Young Archaeologists visit the Peak District

 7th-10th April 2016

By John Swann

Peak DistrictThe Young Archaeologists group visit the spectacular Peak District. Read all about the trip here: Peak District write up


 Young Archaeologists at Stokeleigh Camp

 31st January 2016

By John Swann

Stoke LeighFirst trip of the year for the club’s young archaeologists as they visit the Iron Age Stokeleigh Camp. Read the report here: Stokeleigh write up


Camping Trip to Vale of the White Horse and Uffington

 11th – 13th September 2015

By John Swann


 Last camping trip of the summer as the Young Archaeologists Club visit the Vale of the White Horse. Write up here: Vale of the White Horse


 Visit to Bradford on Avon and

Stoney Littleton

 7th June 2015

By John Swann


A double site day for our young archaeologists as they visit both Bradford Anglo-Saxon church (pictured above) followed by Stoney Littleton long barrow. Read all about it here: Bradford Write Up

Trip to Northumberland

 8th – 11th April 2015

By John Swann

Northumberland 2015

The north east of England is largely undiscovered country for the Clifton Antiquarian Club and this was a great opportunity for adults and children alike to explore new sites and monuments: Read the Northumberland write up for full details

  CAC Kids in the Wye Valley

 1st February 2015

By John Swann


 First CAC kids trip of the year, read all about it here: CAC Kids in the Wye Valley write up

CAC Kids in search of Dinosaurs!

 12th-14th September 2014

By John Swann


Our final CAC Kids voyage of discovery for 2014 was to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset in search of dinosaurs!  See the CAC kids Dorset write up for more details.

CAC Kids at Cosmeston, South Wales

 13th July 2014

By John Swann

CosmestonThe CAC Kids go back to the Medieval period to learn about freemen, bondsmen and poo… Read the CAC Kids at Cosmeston write-up for more details!

CAC Kids at Windmill Hill, Avebury

 1st June 2014

By John Swann

cackids june 14

Windmill Hill, Avebury was the venue for the latest sun drenched CAC Kids excursion. Read the cackids Windmill Hill report for more details.

 CAC Kids in Cornwall

 5th – 8th April 2014

By John Swann

 Kids Cornwall 2014

CAC Kids brave the rain for some excellent archaeology and geology in Cornwall! See the CAC Kids Cornwall Trip 2014 write up for more details.

CAC Kids kick off the New Year

 2nd February 2014

By John Swann



CAC Kids adventure out despite the mud and even manage some star gazing! Read the CAC Kids outing to Stokeleigh Camp for more details.

 CAC Kids brave the elements on Dartmoor

 25th/27th October 2013

By John Swann


CAC Kids (and some gatecrashing adults) experience extreme archaeology on Dartmoor!  Read the Dartmoor write up for more details.

 CAC Kids visit Bosworth and the National Space Centre!

 21st/22nd September 2013

By John Swann


A busy action packed weekend for the CAC Kids as they delve into English history and investigate space travel! Read the Bosworth write up.


 June 29th

By John Swann


Forget Glastonbury, find out about good times and musical mayhem at CACFest 2013! Read our entertainment correspondent’s report here: CACFEST 2013 review

 CAC Kids at Belas Knap

 May 26th 2013

By John Swann

CAC kids at Belas Knap

The CAC kids continue in their quest to survey all the prehistoric monuments in Great Britain. Read all about it here: Belas Knap write up

 CAC Kids in Scotland

 April 2013

By John Swann

CAC kids in Scotland

There’s no stopping John and the CAC kids! Read all about their latest excursion into Scotland here: Scotland Trip

 Astrokids Symposium

 February 2013

By John Swann

CACkids Feb 2013

Read up on the last Astrokids meeting of the winter here: Astrokids Symposium 2013 write up

 Winter walk and Astrokids

 19th January 2013

By John Swann

January 2013 CAC Kids

The CAC kids were out and about despite (or perhaps because of!) the winter weather. See the CAC Kids winter walk write up for details.

 Christmas Cacophony

 9th December 2012

By John Swann

The festive season is upon us and of course, the CAC Kids mark the occasion with a Christmas extravaganza! For the full report see the Christmas Cacophony write up.

Astro Kids

 23rd November 2012

By John Swann

Astrokids in action

Our multi-talented CAC kids were at it again, this time gazing at the skies! See the  Astrokids write up for more details.

CAC Kids at Avebury

 16th September 2012

By John Swann

Walnuts stuck on bamboo canes!? See what the CAC kids were up to at Avebury stone circle in the report.

Visit to Crofton Beam Engine and Savernake Forest

 26th August 2012

By John Swann

Fun and education at the Crofton Beam Engine and Savernake Forest. See the Write Up for further information.

CACfest 2012!

 14th July

By John Swann

In a (temporary?) diversion from archaeology the CACKids explore the possibilities of a rock festival! See the critic’s review.

CAC Kids Archaeology and Geology trip to North Devon

30th June/1st July 2012

By John Swann

In yet another adventure CAC kids explore the archaeology and geology of North Devon. See the write up!

CAC Kids Survey Stony Littleton Long Barrow!

17th May 2012

By John Swann

CAC kids become real archaeologists! See the write up for further information.

CAC Kids Camping in Pembrokeshire

13th – 15th April 2012

By John Swann

By all accounts a fantastic weekend was had by all the kids (and parents) at the camping weekend in Pembrokeshire. See the write up for details and pictures.

CAC Kids Outing to Stokeleigh Camp

11th February 2012

By John Swann

A fantastic job being done by the junior branch of the club led by John proving that archaeology really can be fun for all the family! Click herefor the full write up and photos.

CAC Kids Christmas trip to the Cotswolds

11th December 2011

By John Swann

Sunday 11th December was the CAC kids Christmas outing to the Cotswolds. Despite the sometimes inclement weather a wonderful time was had by all including the adults! Click here for the full write up and photos.

CAC “Astrokids” afternoon in deepest, darkest Wiltshire!

19th November 2011

By John Swann

Our intrepid CAC Astrokids met at Wilton Windmill on a fine autumnal afternoon. For those that had travelled down from Bristol this was a good opportunity to stretch the legs with a lot of running and chasing around on the nicely manicured grass around the mill… read on for more information and photos!