The Clifton Antiquarian Club 2018 Proceedings: Volume 11

Welcome to Volume 11 of Clifton Antiquarian Club’s proceedings. As with our previous publications, this volume contains a fascinating and varied selection of papers by members covering a wide range of subjects and timescales. Chris Castle’s paper on the archaeology of Gough’s Cave, Mendip, in the Late Upper Palaeolithic brings us new insights into this important site; evidence for a Romano-British enclave in Essex is explored by Chris Wawm and Pip Osborne provides an update on her excavations and research on the Saxon minster precinct at Chewton Mendip that first featured in Volume 10 of the club’s proceedings. Fittingly for the club, Ellie McQueen takes a look at the relevance of antiquarian records and illustrations for today’s archaeology using examples such as Stonehenge and Newgrange. We also feature three papers on Guernsey; Donovan Hawley and Laurie Waite report on excavations at the late 18th century Rousse Tower including the 2015 dig carried out by the club in the tower’s outer rampart. In a separate paper they report on the club’s 2017 excavations at Le Trépied passage grave. The last of the Guernsey trilogy is an investigation by Philip de Jersey, Island Archaeologist for Guernsey, into the antiquarian records of Le Trépied. Finally, something completely different; John Swann takes a look at the palaeoastronomy of both the occidental and oriental traditions, exploring the significance of the night sky not only pantemporally, but also panculturally.

The Clifton Antiquarian Club 2015 Proceedings: Volume 10

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This volume is the first to be composed of papers all written by club members. It contains a wide ranging series of contributions both temporally and geographically, from the Neolithic on Guernsey and the Cotswolds, Medieval in Somerset, Tudor and later in Gloucestershire, Victorian on the Mendips, a pan-temporal approach in Dorset right through to Second World War remains in North Somerset. All of this reflects the rich diversity of interests that our members are pursuing.

The Clifton Antiquarian Club 2010 Proceedings: Early Medieval Enquiries

‘Anglo-Saxon’ and ‘Dark Ages’ are incomplete and emotive terms that have been in popular usage for too long; the former describes just two groups of Germanic peoples amongst many others who migrated here after Roman withdrawal, while the latter suggests that we don’t know much about what happened afterwards. Actually, the events are becoming ever clearer and they depict a country that experienced a melange of intrusions from northern and western Europe which embroiled the native people into regional factionalising. Early Medieval Enquiries contains 17 papers that reflect the most recent work available carried out in this crucial and often misunderstood period of British history. These are the events that helped create the geopolitical map of Britain that we recognise today. View contents

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“A gem of a book. It’s not bedside reading exactly but a scholarly book of papers concerning recent and varied archaeological work up and down western Britain and has proved extremely useful as a source of reference. It’s beautifully put together and also copiously illustrated, most of which are in colour. Even though the book has an academic style, some are in fact a good read as well. Recommended.”

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The Clifton Antiquarian Club 2007 Proceedings: Landscape Enquiries

This book represents the cutting edge of archaeological landscape studies and will be a useful reference tool for students, it is also an excellent read covering an eclectic range of sites and topics. Discover how humans have adapted and interacted with their landscape in these papers drawn from around the world.  Over half the book is devoted to British sites with research undertaken by club members. View contents

Clifton Antiquarian Club Proceedings

The full club proceedings from 1884 to 1912 are now available on CD, please contact the Archivist for details.  The full index and a selection of articles from the proceedings will be posted on this page.  These papers provide a fascinating commentary on the antiquarian attitudes of those times.

Proceedings Index

The Megalithic Remains at Stanton Drew, Vol 1. 1884

Excavations at Silbury Hill, Vol 1. 1884

The Human Remains from the Stoney Littleton Barrow, Vol 1. 1886

The Chambered Tumulus at Heston Brake, Vol 2. 1888

The Water-Stone Dolmen, Somersetshire. Vol 3. 1896

Clifton in 1746, Vol 5. 1900

Notes on Clifton, Burwalls and Stokeleigh Camps, Vol 5. 1900

Richard Ameryk and the name America, Vol 7. 1909-10